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Other Events

As well as being one of the most successful clubs at the University of Warwick, WURL prides itself on also being one of the friendliest and most socially active.


Circle is our weekly event, and a staple in every WURL member’s diary. We gather every Wednesday at the Pig and Fiddle, our sponsors in Leamington Spa, to get ourselves in the mood for Pop! later that evening. We also occasionally circle with other clubs, such as Women’s Aerobics or Women’s Rugby. You’ll come to find that a WURL Circle has plenty of unusual quirks that differentiate it from other clubs on campus. Don’t worry though, you’ll pick up on them in no time!


Beyond Circle, we also regularly organise bar crawls, curry nights, cheese and wine nights, poker nights, club nights, match viewings and it's not beyond clubmen to meet up for a cheeky pint (or a few) at one of Leamington’s many pubs.

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