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Intra-club game match report

WURL ready for Division 1A after ending pre-season with an intra-club game.

Warwick University Rugby League completed their pre-season this weekend with an intra-club match that included plenty of new faces as well as some old ones too. A tight game ended 24-20 after a few exchanges of momentum, eventually being settled by a try by Sam Walton in the corner with less than 2 minutes to go.

Earlier in the contest, Mark Neilson was instrumental in an early contender for try of the season (before the season even starts) with an overhead kick on fifth tackle from 25 meters that was run onto by Tom Palmer. New boy Pierre-Louis also pulled off an outrageous basketball-style offload to put in Sam Walton for his second try of his hat-trick. Elsewhere, Sam Percival showed his defensive prowess by ripping the ball after flying off the line in not one but two 1-on-1 tackles. It took a last-minute try to settle a game that looked set for an entertaining draw, which it may well have been if it weren’t for inconsistent placement kicking from the losing side.

The level of play from both the new and the experienced was high and lead to an even and interesting contest, and bodes well for the more competitive fixtures in Division 1A ahead. Bring on the new season !

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