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Old WURLd defeats new WURLd

The New Try Tag Rugby season began at Leamington RFC with a mouth-watering intra-WURL derby between the newly formed St. John WURLawara Dragons and Tags To Riches.

WURLawara, comprising a trio of major off-season signings destined for Old Man’s Corner of Kiddo, Kiwi and Shiitake took on a team filled with newer WURL members and won by a scoreline of 18 to 9.

The game was tight until the start of the second half when the older WURL boys tapped into their wealth of experience, stamina (ish) and good old fashioned grit to take the game away from their inexperienced and youthful opponents.

Stormy and Bathwater marked their debut appearances with a try each and impressed with how quickly they got stuck into their first ever game of rugby. Bathwater did accidentally join the other team until she was kindly reminded to switch lines. Stormy’s try came off of a step worthy of scoring any and was even more impressive given she didn’t know what a step was.

The major off-season signings from Beijing Aardvaarks, Dynamo Dora Rugby and Keio BYB RFC all marked their returns to WURL rugby with a trio of tries. The pick of the bunch was undoubtedly Kiwi’s second try which came after an absolutely filthy Kiwi Step™ to ghost through and score. Reports of a knock-on under no pressure on the try-line earlier in the game remain unconfirmed.

Rahul, somehow still a fresh despite doing a master’s in Goo Studies, also put in a major contribution with some hard running and more than his fair share of line breaks. True to his forward’s instincts he was first in the pub after the game.

Tags to Riches tried to mount a comeback towards the end with a couple of tries but it was too little too late. Turns out having a Leeds United supporter in your ranks brings bad luck.

The game was refereed by some Coventry nobody who looked oddly familiar.

FT: St. John WURLawara Dragons 18-9 Tags To Riches

Tries for WURLawara: Kiddo (3), Shiitake (3), Kiwi (3), Stormy (1), Bathwater (1), ringers with the rest

WURL players in WURLawara: Kiddo, Kiwi, Shiitake, Rahul*, Stormy*, Bathwater*

WURL players in Tags To Riches: Megadog, Little Joe, Fresh 2, Sean*

*denotes stinky fresh

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