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Tour is one of the great WURL traditions. Every year, after the season and term 2 have drawn to a close, WURL members pack up their bags, adorn their tour shirts, adopt questionable haircuts and head to a city overseas – often selected for its cheap bars and historical sites in order to impress the parents. The destination of the Tour is top secret, unbeknownst to even the highest-ranking Exec members who aren’t taking part in its organisation. In 2019 we went to Amsterdam, and previous destinations have included Budapest, Prague and Bratislava.


There is also a Domestic Tour in Term 1 every year to another British city. No silly haircuts or Tour shirts are required for this one, but that doesn’t stop Dom-Tour from packing all kinds of shenanigans in a short period of time.

WURL in Prague, 2018.

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